Calaf Nuances is now part of Nactarome Group, an European group specialist in natural colourings, ingredients and flavours. Know more!

Our expertise

At Calaf nuances, we are a team with decades-long experience working at and for the food industry. Our through knowledge of flavours is complemented by a deep understanding of the food industry processes and its whole value-chain, allowing us to design the best product for each application.

Our Technology

The food flavours we develop at Calaf nuances, be it primary flavours (flavours of raw food), or secondary flavours (the flavours of cooked foods), are all based on aroma nucleus we obtain at molecular level using our proprietary technology.

Flavour Workshop

Taste is experienced when flavours in food or beverage products interact with taste buds in the mouth. Via small openings in the tongue epithelium called taste pores, parts of the food dissolved in saliva come into contact with taste receptors located on top of the taste receptor cells that constitute the taste buds.