Calaf Nuances is now part of Nactarome Group, an European group specialist in natural colourings, ingredients and flavours. Know more!

A commitment with the environment and the community

Our aim is to create flavours for the food industry in order to improve consumers’ sensory experience and provide solutions to our clients while respecting the environment and community’s wellbeing.

By applying an internal waste management and atmospheric emissions control, we pursue to minimize our activity’s impact on the environment. Several actions that are expected to assess and control the process water treatment are being held. These actions have also the aim to reinforce our commitment towards the environment.

Besides, our staff wellbeing and community’s integration are two priorities to maintain for Calaf Nuances. Those are the reasons why formation courses are being offered in several fields in order to provide tools that help to the self-progress. Calaf Nuances is also collaborating with different regional institutions with the aim of creating bonds that go beyond the industrial activity and that promote a social improvement of the community.