Calaf Nuances is now part of Nactarome Group, an European group specialist in natural colourings, ingredients and flavours. Know more!

Innovation in our flavours for the food industry

We feel the taste when food and drink flavour interact with our mouth’s sensory organ.

Food dissolved in saliva interacts with the taste receivers found in the sensory organ. This organ, located in our tongue, has small holes known as taste pores, which allow us to feel flavours.

There can be found five primary flavours: sweet, savoury, acid, bitter and umami. On the other hand, scents are caused by one or more volatilized chemical components, which usually can be found at a very low concentration and are perceived via the sense of smell.

There is a third component that influences the perception of food and drink: the mouthfeel. Mouthfeel is the physical sensation a food or drink creates, either in the mouth or after it has been swallowed. Common mouthfeel descriptors include: delicate (light), heavy (dense), creamy (milky), oily, drying (astringent), whetting (moistening) and tingly (bubbly).

By using our knowledge on the interaction among these processes and the constant search in trends in different markets jointly with our marketing department, our research and development team creates state-of-the-art flavours that easily adapt to several applications that cater to our clients’ needs.

Besides its versatility, flavour creations for the food industry by Calaf Nuances can also provide natural flavours with guaranteed biological origin.