Calaf Nuances is now part of Nactarome Group, an European group specialist in natural colourings, ingredients and flavours. Know more!

Our technology as food flavour manufacturers

All the primary flavours (non-cooked food flavours) and secondary flavours (cooked food flavours) we create are absed on flavour cores that we obtain at a molecular level with our technology.

The aroma nucleus can be obtained via several sources: microbiological (yeast, etc.), animals (extracts, hidrolyzed proteins), vegetables (essential oils, extracts, juices) and also via chemical procedures.

The oleoresin and essential oils can be obtained from plants and spice via distillation and rectification, washing, cold-pressure or CO2 extraction. The former procedure does not leave any solvent trace and maintains the complete flavour of the original product at the same time. When obtaining natural flavours, it is also used biotechnological procedures (fermentation, enzymatic procedures, vegetable cells generation, recombined DNA, genetic engineering).

Once the sample has been selected, synthesis flavours require the application fo procedures such as separation, concentration, splitting and separation (chromatography). They are followed by the identification process (spectroscopy IR, liquid chromatography – mass spectroscopy, gas chromatography…).

We also use the biotransformation technology, the thermic transformation (Maillard), the encapsulation via atomization and distillation and concentration.