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Flavour: Chocolate, brown flavours

Brown flavours like chocolate, vanilla, coffee, brown sugar, burnt sugar, caramel, toffee, fudge, molasses or cocoa, tend to be intense and complex, fitting right into the indulgent and bolder flavour profiles more and more consumers demand.

Some flavours, like chocolate or coffee, contain over 1500 flavour components with a complex layering of distinctive notes, depending on factors like the type of cacao beans, the process of fermentation or how they have been roasted, to name just a few. Not to forget texture, a significant trait in so many applications.

Contact us. We’ll design the appropriate brown flavour for your product.

Brown flavours, the ultimate indulgent flavours.

Our brown flavours may be used in:

Different Application? Just let us know!

Different Flavour? Just let us know!